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Well, another hunting season has come and gone!!!! As Mike Plume said in song “time doesn’t walk it runs”!!!!! A more true adage has not been wrote!!!! The older you get the faster time seems to run !!! 2014, hunting-wise, was a continuation of the rebuilding mode we have been in for the last several years. We had some better bucks show up on trail cams BUT we’d put a guy in that stand and he would see does and fawns and the odd smaller buck BUT not the shooters we captured on camera. You can view what I’m talking about as we’ve added a variety of trail cam pics to the 2014 gallery. There is always a positive side to everything, half full is the cup as opposed to half empty!!!!!!! Sooooooooooo the good thing is these borderline shooters live to grow even bigger next year and hopefully subsequent years as well. Thanks to Robert Key and his group of friends/fellow hunters for sticking with us thru these challenging times to be in the deer business……..but as they say, it’s not JUST about the hunting it’s the visiting of old friends and renewing our friendship and camaraderie every year. As it stood, Dennis Kemmick brought his son Dennis for his first deer hunt north of the border!!!! Dennis jr. shot a pretty nice deer that you can see in the gallery. He was happy with it and he vowed to come back and try for an even bigger one next time. His Dad also shot a deer he called Grampa!!! We’ve had pictures of this one and he was definitely going downhill with age so a good one to take out of the gene pool!!! Let the younger ones grow up and prosper!!! And so please take a look at the up and coming bucks as seen in the gallery and perhaps YOU will have a chance to see him up close and personal in the upcoming hunting season!!! In the meantime, take care out there and the best of health to you all. A very special GOOD LUCK message to our former client having health issues and battling cancer…….you are one tough SOB and I think you will win this fight……we love you and want to to see you up here again giving us a rough time and to continue that lucky horse shoe stuck up your butt luck you seem to possess…….and to everyone else, enjoy each day, count your blessings and love your loved ones AND Remember we are all invincible UNTIL WE”RE NOT