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2010 Hunting Season in Review – September 2011

The days are long BUT the years are short!!!!!!…….and so another year has passed swiftly by as spring has finally arrived. The year 2010 was challenging to say the least (in more ways than one).


The weather was the most bizarre I or even my father has seen, and John is 83. Record rainfalls thru out the summer and early snow in the fall made travel in the bush very difficult and time-consuming OR just plain IMPOSSIBLE. As always, we did our best with the cards we were dealt and persevered.


Despite the setbacks we were able to harvest some VERY nice deer!!!!!! Longtime client and friend, Bob Russell shot an awesome unique 8 x 7 scoring in the mid 170’s on his last day. He sat the stand he was at because we just could NOT get back to his preferred seat!!!!! Funny how things can just work out at times????


First year lawson visitor Rick Labbe connected with another great buck as he took a 6×7 that we had not ever seen on the trail cam pics!!????…………Goes to show you never know what might turn up!!!! Rick will surely be back as his 170 class bucks was one of his best “Canadian” deer.


Ed Mottern, our longest tenured friend/client also shot another fine buck as his patience awarded him with a 160+ class buck. Ed stuck with his stand and fought the wind and cold to wait this bush-dweller out. He finally appeared as Ed’s hunting day was drawing to a close and Ed, by his own account, was half froze.


Another first timer to Lawson Creek, Robert Key, had some luck with him early as he took a thick mature buck on Monday. Too bad the ride home wasn’t as memorable as the deer hunt!!!!!!……..oh well what’s a little mud between new friends???? OK it was a LOT of mud!!!!!! All 4 members of Robert’s group were fortunate enough to tag out even though it took Gary until his last day!!!!!……….Patience is a virtue and Gary was able to harvest a nice wide buck that he was all smiles about ( see the photo album) We look forward to spending more time with these fine gentleman as they have confirmed their spots for 2011.


Even in the later weeks of the season, getting around was difficult as we had too much snow before the ground froze!!!???…….. so we still had limited access to the remote stands. Again, we were able to hunt the local stands and it paid off as Jim Braun shot a 4 x 5 with sweeping long beams and high tines!!!!!!! Harvest-wise it turned out better than I thought it might and our prospects for 2011 look real good as we have areas that have not been hunted much……….mostly due to the adverse conditions!!!!!!!


Lastly, but definitely not least, on December 21, 2010 my mother Maria passed on. Mom was an icon in our biz as she cooked for many years and got to know a lot of you very well. She always looked forward to seeing our “American” friends and to joke with them.


I thank you all that bought washcloths from her last year as it brought her joy to see her handiwork destined for new homes. Maria will be surely missed by us all….. …..May she rest in peace!!!!!!!


Jerry J. Farber