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Latest News – Welcome to Lawson Creek Outfitters – January 20th, 2006


Hello Deer hunting fans across North America and abroad!!!! Thanks to some amazing new technology we are introducing a blog to our website!!! Through this forum those that know us can keep abreast of new developments. Those that don’t know us can learn what we’re all about. Let’s start with a brief history. My father, John Farber, secured outfitting rights (and license) some 25 years ago. Locals would come to him looking for a place to hunt or advice on where to hunt…..this continues to this day!!! In the mid 90’s trophy deer hunting for American clients was increasing in popularity. John enlisted myself, Jerry Farber, and a local knowledgable avid outdoorsman Phil Philipowich to help set up for American hunters. Like most new ventures we suffered growing pains. We scouted our designated hunting area, built stands and opened quad trails to no-man’s-land. All that was missing was the hunters to fill those stands!!!! My wife, Sandy, a travel consultant, returning from a cruise with her sister, found themselves surrounded at the back of the plane with a horde of American hunting gentleman. Soon they were engaged in conversation with these fine fellas!!! Her salesmanship rose to the forefront as she smoothly convinced them to “give Lawson Creek a try”. The next year a group of 4 made the trip to our camp. The following year even more came to visit as the word spread of our incredible hunting mecca. Now, in 2005, we look back on 7 years of full capacity of 25 hunters (regulated by our fine gvovernment) We don’t do costly trade shows opting for word-of- mouth advertising and a loyal return clientele base…..our core groups have been with us 7 or 8 years. We are proud of the fact that many return year in and year out making us feel we are on the right track. Many return as old friends coming to visit their “hunting family”. Many clients cite the comraderie and friendship as reason enough to return…..when you throw in the fact you could harvest the next “booner” the decision becomes a no-brainer. So, please join us from time to time as we talk about deer hunting…..anything from changes in regs to new-found antler sheds. This blog will be our newsletter as we keep clients abreast of how the season went. I will also include any articles that you, the client, may want to express…..kinda like a open forum reference. Just email me your writings and we’ll include those that are pertinent. I have much to say but that is all for this first entry…stay tuned