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2019 BIG NEWS!

We are expanding our lodge.
Here is a sneak peak at the North wing addition, progressing nicely.





2012 In Review and Other Intelligent  Musings

Good Day to all and all the best in 2013 in all aspects……… life,health,family and lastly hunting.
We had a great rebound year at Lawson Creek Outfitters after 2 bad winters in 09 and 2010…….2011 winter was much better with significantly less snow and milder temperatures. Our deer herd has made a comebeack, are we where we were or where we want to be??? A resounding NO would be my response BUT we have no control over some things and the weather is one of those. We had some early snowfalls this year BUT not much in the last month really. We fed our bait sites very aggresively until the GOV-imposed deadline of Dec.31. We will continue our winter feeding program on private land where it is legal. Hopefully the animals living in the forestry can survive with what nature provides for them!!!????
We had a busy year at our tent camps as we decided to hunt from 2 camps to accomadate a large group of our wonderful friends from the Maryland area. Our area is quite vast so we can save a lot of travel time for our clients and for our guides as well. Also gives us an oppoutunity to hunt some of our more remote areas. The logistics and workload of 2 camps was a challenge BUT now we know we can do it and have the equipment and resources to do it annually if required.
Winter camping is not for everyone BUT these chaps really enjoy it and we do too. Personally, I was able to spend most of the week at the South camp and contributed my talents as the salad chef.
Ed Mottern, our longest running (and luckiest) client was fortunate enough to harvest a beautiful buck with a sticker on one side and a droptine on the other side. Ed’s longtime friend,Bob Russell, was forced to miss this year because of work commitments, BUT as Bob tells it, he just wanted to give ED a chance at the BIG buck of the week. We all missed the good-natured ribbing that Bob brought to the table. He vows to be back with a vengeance in 2013………can’t wait!!!
As with most years, we were pleased to meet some new clients and to welcome back some fellas that had been hunting with us previously. It’s always good to have a mix of old and new. We took another couple bucks in the 150’s and many guys went home with their best buck ever so hard to argue with success like that.
In the second week we had a familiar Robert Key group and 3 out of the 4 of them all took decent bucks. As usual, we had a great week with them as it’s always nice to welcome back old friends. We look forward to having them back for 2013!!!
Now, we look forward to 2013 and beyond. As always we look to rekindle old friendships and meet new people to share our great Northland with. So, if you are looking for a deer hunting destination then give us a call, talk to some of our clients, and see why they return year after year. Good luck with all your 2013 ventures and don’t forget to check out the photo gallery……….see you all (old, young or new) next fall……..Cheers, Jerry J.Farber