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2011 Hunting Season in Review – February 2012

So another hunting season has blurred by!!!!! Another exciting year of challenges as theweather pattern changed drastically!??


Instead of spring rains we had spring drought……..maybe too strong a word but most definitely way WAY dryer than the previous year.


The winter was long and cold with above average snow!!??? Some winterkill was suspected and also expected. As usual, we went into the season cautiously optimistic, at least we were able to get into some of the old hunting haunts. Many fellas saw and passed up 130 and 135 bucks so thanks to them 2012 again looks hopeful!!!!!???? Bobby Russell kept up his superior display of hunting ability (luck) on track by harvesting a very nice 150+ buck (see photo album).


Bob is forced to take a year off he says due to work commitments but I think he just wants to give Ed a chance to catch up!!??? LOL   Also, second-year Lawson Creeker Dennis Kimmick shot a wonderful mid 160’s buck by displaying perseverance and listening to his guide.
Dennis was very thrilled with his deer and for good reason as it was a dandy!!!!! All is looking good for 2012 as the winter has been mild and not near as much snow……we fed very aggressively from end of guiding to Dec.31 to help the bucks rebound and
get ready for winter………hopefully the spring will bring early showers and with that growth for that all-so-Important-early-protein  stage of antler growth…….time will tell…… is that anticipation that’s keeps us all hunting, not knowing what will happen next.


Until next time, everyone take care out there!!!!!!