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Latest News – 2006 hunting year in review – March 21, 2007


What an utterly fantastic year we had in 06!!!!! Many of our established clientele returned but also we had some new faces as well!!!! Many of our new people went home with “their biggest buck ever.” This always makes us proud to send someone home successful,content and happy. Some of “”the old boys” from Tom and Tal’s camp had a resurgent year as they took deer in the high 160’s and 150’s…….very nice bucks….very hard to pass up!!!!! One of our new fellas from N.J shot a unique palmated deer that scored 156+……there are bigger ones out there BUT when you see this calibre deer you better be squeezing the trigger…..and he did!!!!! He was pleased with his trophy to say the least. 23 of 25 hunters shot deer so the success rate was very high!!!! The other 2 that didn’t shoot had taken extremely nice deer in the past so the bar was set high……that’s OK…’s allright to let them walk if they don’t meet your standards!!!!! Many bucks were sighted by these hunters but they chose not to shoot. We had an enormous snowfall in week 4 that caused some headaches but hats off to our clients who took it all in stride!!!!! No one can control the weather…..not yet enyways……soon we will have our pictures up from 06 for all to see…..hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the season. We look forward to the 07 hunting season with eager anticipation……some preparations have already begun!!!!! 2007 will set a new record with 3 father/son combos slated to hunt with us. My father John and I will enjoy conversing and hunting with these other fortunate and blessed father and son hunting partner combos. I’m sure the old boy will tell our moose stories from 06 as we were both drawn and both successful(the success was the bonus)…..spending the time together was special for us both……see you in the fall…..try not to wish the summer away just so you can hunt!!!!!!!?????