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Best Kept Secret

Latest News – Saskatchewan’s best-kept-secret??? – February 1st, 2006


Is Lawson Creek Outfitters Saskatchewan’s best-kept-secret as a premier hunting destination for trophy Whitetail bucks??? Well, maybe we used to be….but….the word is getting out!!!! We tried to use the phrase for our advertisement on google and they rejected it. They said this is not a proven fact!!!! I thought ‘best-kept-secret’ was just a figure of speech to be used at will. Not so in the advertising world it would seem….no matter…..perhaps it is time for the hunting world to view Lawson Creek Outfitters as a top-notch hunting camp for trophy Whitetail deer bucks. We are,after all, near the epicenter of BIG buck country…..consider that the WORLD record Whitetail hails from our fine hunting province!!!! Lawson Creek Outfitters, operating in the pristine Porcupine forest and it’s neighbouring forest fringe, has consistently produced world-class bucks. Every year our clients see bucks deemed as ‘a shooter buck next year’…..and true to form….a new crop of ’shooters’ seem to emerge every year!!!! Even with this continued success we strive to not become complacent!!!!! we continually scout and scour our designated area seeking the next “HOT SPOT” Our work does not go unnoticed as our clients comment on the work involved to open a trail and set up a stand or blind. It is a lot of work….but it’s only work if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing!!! We pride ourselves in working hard for our clients!!!! You don’t HAVE to take my word for it……we have plenty of clients that can attest to the fact. In fact we encourage potential clients to contact the references we provide. I, for one, would not book a hunt if I couldn’t chat with some clientele…..future blogs will discuss this concept further. So it seems the secret is not so secret anymore!!! Lawson Creek Outfitters is “on the map” as a preferred hunting destination for MONSTER CANADIAN trophy Whitetail bucks!!! We are proud to share our incredible hunting mecca with our AMERICAN hunting neighbours…’s not just a business…’s a way of life.