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Latest News – 2009 Hunting Season in Review – January 6, 2010


As expected, 2009 was full of challenges.


The depressed economy in the USA meant significantly less hunters were making the trek up north to hunt. All the outfitters felt the pinch……some more than others I am told. All was not negative as the hunting hiatus enabled the deer herd to regain strength and numbers. After a decade of full capacity we felt fortunate, in some ways, to still operate at 30% capacity. Only one hunter didn’t pull the trigger as he was very selective having shot 160+ class deer in the past.


Our clients were ecstatic to harvest very good bucks with one in the mid 160’s. Another buck with double forked brows scored in the 150’s, his character made him nearly impossible to pass up. First-time clients from Maine ( a husband and wife deer hunting team) were thrilled to bag very respectable 140 + class bucks. As usual, everyone had a great time, many citing the hunt as the-trip-of-a-lifetime. I, too, was thrilled to meet some new people who I believe will be friends for life and longtime clients as well. Interestingly enough, these clients were just as interested in the weight of their bucks as the antler score.


I’ve always believed that the score of a buck is just a number and sometimes we put too much emphasis on that number. I am of the opinion that if a client is happy with his or her deer then the score is not that important. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favour of harvesting mature bucks, and I strive to educate our clients to let the smaller bucks walk BUT if a fella shoots the best buck of his life and it scores 135 then I am happy for him. I then stress to that hunter that he has raised his bar and the next time he comes he must wait for a better and bigger buck. This makes him feel good about his deer and gives him a goal to work towards.


Many of us who are blessed to live in this world-class deer hunting mecca need to understand the mindset of those that come to visit. I am buoyed by the prospects of the upcoming year and subsequent years as our trail cameras show some great up-and-coming bucks. You can check out these pictures on our website in the photo gallery.


2010 looks to be a very good deer hunting year so give me a call or email and we can slot you in…….come for the hunt…….leave with the experience of a lifetime………take care out there and all the best in 2010, in life and in hunting……..


Yours in hunting, Jerry J.Farber