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Well, another year has come and gone as well as the hunting season!!!     We are VERY happy with the progress of our deer herd over the last couple years and the winter of 2016 so far has been very good with below average snowfall.     Deer and elk have been feeding in the fields as many crops weren’t completely harvested due to wet weather!!!       The heavy fall rains caused problems and hordes of mud as we attempted to feed the baitsites and carry on our outfitting duties!!!       This had it’s pros and cons as most hunters had the same problem getting around and some remote areas were left untouched!!!      In fact, we have areas now that have not been hunted for a few years, so the game populations will be in fine shape in these spots!!!   Now we just need a dry fall to get back to these hotspots!!!   We have also kept our client list short while we await the resurgence of the deer population!!!       We call it management and think it will pay off in spades in the years to come!!!      The first evidence of this resurgence was evident this fall as our longtime client Bob Polito connected with an awesome 167 class deer!!! (check the photo gallery)       We were as happy as Bob to have a real decent buck taken in our area!!!       We also were getting some bruisers on trail cams (again check gallery)so excited about  the upcoming season and the prospects of BIG mature bucks.     We are truly grateful to our clients that stuck with us thru the lean years!!!      We are also happy to have our dear friends from Maryland coming back to pay us a ‘wisit’ and hunt some mighty fine deer again.       We do have some limited openings left for those that want to experience the pristine Porcupine forest and hunt the buck of a lifetime!!!    So long for now and God willing, see y’all in the fall!!……………Cheers, Jerry J.Farber