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2013 Year in Review

Happy New Year and all the best in 2014 to all our clients and friends south of the border!!!!!       I want to thank everyone that came to visit and hunt in 2013!!!      We are blessed with loyal clients that wanted to come north even after they were warned about our deer population decrease due to another hard winter.      The BIG bucks were hard to find in our area!!!     From what I heard thou it was the same across the province and even into Alberta!!!    Very few big mature bucks were harvested!!    On cameras and thru the eyes of our clients many up and coming bucks were sighted so that bodes well for the future BUT right now we are in waiting mode and patience is a virtue!!!!

Master guide and baiter Tal Young and I went to camp on January 8/9 to remove the remainder of stands off public land and to feed on private land.      Tal was stoked as he said we have a lot less snow than last year so that also bodes well for the deer population…….sure it’s been cold but the animals are built to withstand the cold it’s the snow that causes problems as they can’t get to the ground to forage for feed.     As eternal optimists, this is all a good sign.     The animals are hungry thou as the elk tore apart my makeshift hay pen……..they snapped 2 X 4`s like twigs to get to my square bales.      The deer also benefitted as they fed ALL day long not caring that we were around starting snowmobiles and mucking about……..the deer know that once darkness falls the elk will chase them off the haystack.       Tal and I rummaged thru the remnants of the hay and salvaged the bales not trampled or partially eaten by the elk.     These bales we hid in the shed so we could feed out at a later date as the winter progressed.


So now we wait for spring and hope it comes early, not like last year when we went from winter straight to summer.     In my mind that is also why the bucks seemed small, they need that early protein to produce large antlers and it just didn`t happen last year because of the prolonged winter.     I know this after long conservations with biologists.     We all hope for the return of the glory years of our deer population!!!


Last and certainly not least I would like to acknowledge the deaths of 2 of our former clients……..first Red Canady who hunted with us in the early 2000`s…..How nice was it his wife Nancy returned to hunt with us in 2013 in his honour AND brought Red`s rifle that she was blessed to shoot her deer with .      Then last June I lost my client and good friend Bennie Riddle!!!!!     He had cancer and fought it like a trooper that he was.      We talked weekly during his sickness, his strength, faith and positive outlook inspired me.     He always asked how Dad (John) was doing and we talked about our mutual friend Arlan Dowiasch and we had a few laughs, he never complained or felt sorry for himself.   He accepted his fate with dignity, cancer could not rid him of that!!!!        I am a better person for having known Bennie!!!!!!……..God bless him and may he rest in peace!!!!