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Shed Hunting

Latest News – Shed hunting time!!!!! – March 28, 2006


It’s that time of year again!!!!…’ll be sooner in some places than others but soon all us avid antler-seekers will be out scouring the fields and bushlines for those coveted shed antlers. Much can be learnt about the buck population and potential for the upcoming season and onward. It’s an exciting time to be in the bush…..the long winter is finally stepping aside as warmer temperatures and longer days grace us. This past winter saw a huge amount of snow accumulate making travel difficult for the wildlife…..many deer and elk used the grid roads as their highways between feeding areas…. only willing to venture off on well-used trails. There is just too much snow in the ditches for even the longer-legged elk to cross comfortably. Some sheds have been found but many are still surely buried under mountains of snow!!!! Then there is those that still proudly sport they’re headgear heading into April……we have seen no real rhyme or reason as to why some drop early and some hold on seemingly stubbornly. We have found sheds as early as Christmas while others cling on even as the new growth sprouts……Whatever the reason doesn’t really matter… is a rewarding pastime that combines exercise and a love of the outdoors. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to find some real dandies and many sets as well. Our clients love to look them over and comment on how they’d like to “get a look at him now” Every now and then they do…..just ask Joe Hedden…..He harvested a terrific non-typical in 04 and we had the one side from the previous year!!!! It doesn’t always work out that way as Mr. High Tines lives on with 2 sets of his sheds mounted on plaques for all to enjoy…..Big John has found a few sets already this year…..some very nice up- and- comers…..Now I can hardly wait for more snow to subside and the real search can begin…..will keep you posted.