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New Era

Latest News – The Dawn of a New Era – June 7, 2009


The world is in the midst of many new eras!!!!!!…..Firstly, the global economy is facing new challenges as we rebuild across the planet. Secondly, the USA enters a new era with a new president and all the changes he will implement. Perhaps these are not new eras but simply part of the cycle!!! Everything in life is cyclical it seems……the stockmarket, the weather, the fashions. I read some appropriate phrases the other day in my SCI magazine………both good and bad times will come and go but we hunt forever.


Lawson Creek Outfitters enters a new era as well. Our new website is being launched as we bring new ideas and many more photos to our existing albums. I spoke with one of my old friends from the USA the other day and we talked about the winter of 2006. He reminded me that 10 years previous we had a severe winter as well. Then he told me about the winter of 1986 (which I really couldn’t remember) and how wicked it was. That’s right, there’s a trend developing here, every 10 years nature initiates it’s own population control measures.


After every one of these severe winters we persevered and the animals re-populated. We give areas within our designated hunting grounds a rest from hunting so they can rejuvenate and so the cycle continues. Our deer are in a resurgence as you will see in our photo albums. Last year we implemented the use of another 8 trail cameras and the results were pleasantly pleasing as many up-and-comer bucks were caught on camera. Some were taken by lucky hunters but many were not so the prospects for this upcoming year look very good. There are some things we will not change. We will still be the outfitter that offers a top-shelf hunt at a reasonable price. Don’t just take my word for it though, call the references and talk to some people that have hunted with us. We want you to be comfortable with your decision as you decide where to spend your hard-earned dollars.


So remember the good and bad times will come and go and new eras will begin and they will end but hunting will always be a GOOD time. We will strive to ensure that your time spent with Lawson Creek will remain etched in your memory as one of the GOOD times.


Yours in hunting, Jerry J.Farber